Series Faith: Hebrews 11:1 and Genesis 4:3-5

Series: Faith/ Hebrews 11:1 and Genesis 4:3-5 I’m still on Hebrews 11:1 and Genesis 4:3-5. Yesterday, I was thinking about the brothers Cain and Abel, particularly their relationship with God and their faith, but also about the dynamics between them as brothers and their childhood as children of Adam and Eve. In Genesis, we get […]

Series Faith: Enoch Walked with God

Series: Faith/Enoch Walked with God I love posting because it keeps me accountable. Last Friday afternoon, I got a call that started good, but then shifted and I allowed the discussion to anger me. No angry words, just the tone of my voice. Afterwards, I lingered in my anger for a bit, but was reminded […]

Series Faith: Enoch

Series: Faith – Enoch Genesis 5:21-24, has few words, but it tells us so much about Enoch, who walked with God. What people do often tells you more about a them than what they say. In Genesis 5:21-25, Enoch’s testimony tells us volume about him and his character. This is what we know: at 65 […]

God Doesn’t Owe Us Anything

God doesn’t have to give us anything. Regardless of what we think and feel, God doesn’t owe us anything, not even an answer. But- because He loves us so much, He gives us another day of grace and mercy. He gives us an opportunity by breathing life into our bodies each day to do better. […]

Those Goliaths in Our Lives

We all got them, Goliaths. You got yours, I got mine. Some Goliaths are people in our lives that just push our buttons. Some are our past and emotional wounds. Some Goliaths are big, evil and seem unmovable. When I meet a Goliath, my first thought is to blame the Goliath, which may have validity, […]


Looking back over my life there are countless times and opportunities where I could have been dead. But my God has kept me and guided me my entire life, even when I was living for myself and not for Him. God was patient with me and I thank Him for loving me. Sometimes I complain […]


My mother taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to. She was right and I have accomplished a lot. But it is nothing compared to God’s purpose and plans. When I submitted my life to God and purpose, what I thought I can do took on a whole new perspective. Each […]

Self Motivate

Align yourself to what God says you are. You are loved, beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made, capable and designed by God to do what He created you to do. You are strong and able to do all things when you rely on God. You have everything that you need. Inspirational messages,