Series: You Gotta DO THE WORK/ The Calling

I started reading Ezekiel 7 today, but have not finished. However, I did find something interesting. The calling is a two part process – God calling and His people (you and me answering). Ezekiel answered his call. The children of Israel through they heard Ezekiel tell of the destruction of the nation, they chose not […]

Series: DO THE WORK/ Friendships Take Work/ Part 3

When you meet someone that you have always wanted to meet or are attracted to, you typically get a little nervous and anxious when you are in their company. You look for opportunities to meet and spend time with each other. And, over time, you learn more about each other and hopefully, a loving, fruitful […]

DO THE WORK Series/ Bring Your Burdens, But Be Honest/Part 4

I was thinking about my previous posts and I realized that I needed to expand on the topic of – bringing your burdens to God. When I was living a life of anger and hurt, I was bound to my past. There were reasons behind my anger, but I didn’t take the time to acknowledge […]

Series: DO THE WORK/ What’s Next – A New Relationship/ Part 6

This is the last post on the topic of DO THE WORK. If you missed any of the previous post, I encourage you to go back and read them. For those who DID THE WORK, I am going to keep going. So how do you feel? I pray that you you feel refreshed and filled […]

Series: DO THE WORK/ Fear – Your Other Friend/ Part 5

The message of DOING THE WORK consists of spending time acknowledging your personal issues and burdens and taking them to God in prayer, discovering His love and establishing/ establishing your friendship (relationship) with God. If you missed Parts 1-4 of this series, I encourage you to go back and read them for more details. Today […]


Today, my personal Bible study and person reflection is on bitterness. Unchecked bitterness takes root like dandelions in a field of grass. It takes awhile to acknowledge the spirit of bitterness and the sin it brings with it – unforgiveness. Bitterness takes over my eagerness to be in God’s presence, chips away at my faith, […]


We never know the full manifestation of God’s plan. So many pieces of His plan being woven together, some unfolded, others still to be revealed. Sometimes we worry about how life will turn out. But, then our faith kicks in and we settle ourselves, our random thoughts and fears, and remember who we serve. Inspirational […]


Preparation In my opinion, faith has two sides, what we are confident God will do, but also realizing that we have work to do. Just as faith requires a commitment from us, opportunity as a right, (rather than a gift to be given or withheld) requires preparation. Sometimes an opportunity will present itself, maybe something […]

Series: Faith – Be Real, Be Authentic

Series: Faith – Be Real, Be Authentic Saying this with love. It’s applicable to all Believers, including me, you, old and young, those that have served a long time, those that have just started, those with ministries and missions, and especially those that lead and those that follow. You, individually as a person, a human, […]

Series Faith: Restlessness

Series: Faith/ Restlessness So here we are in Genesis 4:13-15. God has cursed Cain to a miserable life and what does Cain do? Complain, that his punishment is more than he can bear. Again, Cain through his anger and envy has missed an opportunity to confess his sins, renew his relationship with God and be […]