Free, Learning To Let Go

This morning I was thinking how wonderful it is to be free. Then my thoughts wandered to – growing up, nobody really taught us to be free. We were taught to be bound in school, work, life, but not to be free spiritually and in life. We think, live and do the things over and […]


Today, my personal Bible study and person reflection is on bitterness. Unchecked bitterness takes root like dandelions in a field of grass. It takes awhile to acknowledge the spirit of bitterness and the sin it brings with it – unforgiveness. Bitterness takes over my eagerness to be in God’s presence, chips away at my faith, […]

Your Life Is Just A Vapor

Topic: Your Life is Just A Vapor This morning my alarm went off and I immediately got up. As I was leaving my bedroom, I either thought or heard this which is a paraphrase because I was still sleepy – The significance of life is measured by helping people. My weekend was full of emotion […]

God Doesn’t Owe Us Anything

God doesn’t have to give us anything. Regardless of what we think and feel, God doesn’t owe us anything, not even an answer. But- because He loves us so much, He gives us another day of grace and mercy. He gives us an opportunity by breathing life into our bodies each day to do better. […]

Life and Purpose

I don’t post just to post. I create content on the importance of purpose because that is my calling, my assignment. Many days I am juggling multiple projects at work and at home. But my purpose is always the most important thing on my mind. Our families, communities, the world is in need of Believers […]

Pivot or Reinvent

Life brings us to many crossroads. We can continue to let our pride and hurts lead, or we can make a decision right there at that crossroad to learn, heal, get better, love, even tell a new story. So what are you going to do? Stay where you always have been, continue to think the […]