Series: Faith: Noah Was Different

Topic Faith: Noah Was Different Being different can be a challenge, particularly when there is external pressures to conform to the majority. In Genesis 6:7, we read that man’s evil grieved God’s heart, so God decided to destroy man. In Genesis 6:8, we read that Noah found grace in the eyes of God, that he […]

Faith: Weight of a Divine Curse

Topic: Faith/ weight of a divine curse This morning I was thinking it was time to move on from Cain. Then, I started thinking where I missed a step in my own faith. I believe it’s when I led with my thinking instead of letting go and letting God be God. In Genesis 4:9-12, we […]

Series Faith: Noah- Favor and Faith

Topic: Faith/ Noah- Favor and Faith Sometimes, following your family will get you in trouble. Following the world will definitely get you in trouble. This morning, starting with the next faithful saint mentioned in Hebrews, Noah who is a descendant of Adam and Enoch. Genesis 6:1-7 describes the level of depravity in the world during […]

Series Faith: Noah – He Just Did It

Topic: Faith/Noah – He Just Did It God gives each of us purpose, God created us with everything we need, no one is here by mistake (Psalms 139:13-16). This morning I woke up troubled with the constant fight going on between my flesh and spirit. Our flesh is always looking for opportunities to leverage our […]

Series Faith: Abram – The Call

Topic: Faith/ Abram – The Call I am continuing my study of faith with Abram, who is later named Abraham, a native of Ur, in Mesopotamia, is called by God to leave his own country and people and journey to an untraveled land, where he will be a founder of a new nation. Abraham is […]

Series: Faith: Abram- Get Thee Out

Topic Faith: Abram- Get Thee Out In Genesis 12:1, God says to Abram, “Get thee out of the country, and from your kindred and from thy father’s house”. We don’t know what Abram was doing when God gave him this 3-part command, what plans he had for his life, his dreams or goals. God tells […]

Series: Faith – Implicit Faith

Topic: Implicit Faith Implicit faith is defined as having a complete faith, with no doubts. In Genesis 12:1-3, God makes Abram a lot of promises (God will you a land, make you a great nation, will bless you, you will be a blessing, will bless those that bless you and curse them that curse you, […]

Series: Faith – Abram Willing to Follow

Topic: Faith – Abram Willing to Follow Our last study, we learned more about God’s servant Abram and how he was obedient and faithful to his test – to leave all he knew, his country, family and father’s house and follow God to an unseen land in Canaan. Today, let’s fast forwarded to Genesis Chapter […]

Series:Faith: What Do You Love More?

Topic: Faith/ What Do You Love More? We are deep in studying about faith. Yesterday, we left off with God giving Abraham a command and Abraham’s response. This morning, I thought about the question below, and this is what I wrote: Financial security – Why? Taking care of myself has always been on my mind. […]

Series Faith: Abraham- Guided by Wisdom and Faith

Faith: Abraham- Guided by Wisdom and Faith In Genesis 12:3-10, we read that Abraham prepares to fulfill God’s command to kill Issac. God is testing Abraham to see who Abraham loves more, him or Issac. There is no reference that Abraham debates God or that Issac when confronted with the fact that he was the […]