I Got A Bad Habit – Looking Back

I got a bad habit of looking back at the past and talking about what the old Brinda did/would do, instead of talking about God has healed me from and brought me through and giving Him all the Glory. There is no glory for me in the past. Even in the future, the Glory belongs […]

Series: Faith/ Weight of a Divine Curse

Series: Faith/ Weight of a Divine Curse This morning I was thinking it was time to move on from Cain. Then, I started thinking where I missed a step in my own faith. I believe it’s when I led with my thinking instead of letting go and letting God be God. In Genesis 4:9-12, we […]

Cry Babies Get Healed

Growing up, many of us were told that big girls/ boys don’t cry. So when we got hurt, we pretended we were good and pushed our pain down. As adults, many of us still abide by the same mindset.  We smile at work, at home with family, out with our friends and act like everything […]