I think Believers should share their testimonies. The blog posts and videos reflect different points on my journey of purpose. I pray that something you read or watch encourages you on your own journey.

Where Are You

Where Are You?

Where Are You? I keep being returning to Genesis 3:8-10: “Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the LORD God as he

The Call

I believe that all churches should teach about purpose. It is the essence of why we are here – to be serve God. I didn’t

Free, Learning To Let Go

This morning I was thinking how wonderful it is to be free. Then my thoughts wandered to – growing up, nobody really taught us to

Your Life Is Just A Vapor

Topic: Your Life is Just A Vapor This morning my alarm went off and I immediately got up. As I was leaving my bedroom, I

Series/ Faith: Noah Was Different

Topic Faith: Noah Was Different Being different can be a challenge, particularly when there is external pressures to conform to the majority. In Genesis 6:7,

Cry Babies Get Healed

Growing up, many of us were told that big girls/ boys don’t cry. So when we got hurt, we pretended we were good and pushed

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Bitterness – The Lesson

Well, before I could learn about iniquity I was lead to the thought of “bitterness”. I wanted to know the connection between “bitterness” and “iniquity

Emotional Healing


Today, my personal Bible study and person reflection is on bitterness. Unchecked bitterness takes root like dandelions in a field of grass. It takes awhile

Emotional Healing

Love Yourself

When I was about 26, my mother sat me down and told me that basically all my troubles steamed from one cause – I didn’t

Emotional Healing

Those Goliaths in Our Lives

We all got them, Goliaths. You got yours, I got mine. Some Goliaths are people in our lives that just push our buttons. Some are