Series: Go/Joshua Joshua 1:1-17

There are so many people that are mad at God, so much so their hearts and minds are closed to God’s call to follow him and ……..GO.

We question God on this and that. Why does he allow bad things to happen to good people? Why did he allow me to suffer? Why didn’t he answer my prayers? In reality, our questions should never be about God’s actions or character, but about the quality of our responses to God. Will we choose to response with prayer for strength and praise him, or will we succumb to our emotions and walk away from God.

Below is a passage paraphrased from Mathew Henry’s Commentary, Complete. The text is direct and in simple terms reminds me of my place, a servant of God. God is in covenant with all the earth. He is also in covenant with you. But understand, God has the power to do whatever he wants, how he wants, even destroy all nations and creatures. God does not need you and does not benefit from your efforts. With that in mind, be honored and happy that God is in covenant with you (MHC).

Purpose is what we do, but all the glory goes to God so that others will see the glory of God in you, believe and accept the gift of salvation from our Lord, Jesus Christ, and through their own testimony on the goodness and honor to serve God will for themselves choose to …….. GO.

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